Tantra Massage

It is a powerfully transforming en-counter between two bodies, their energy and the personalities that they express

Tantra, and specifially Tantra massages have been for me a great way to deeply feel my body, the integration of sexual energy and the connection to soul and spirit. That’s why I decided to get trainied as a Tantra Masseur and am offering massages. You can consider them as holistic  celebrations.

Any touch in the massage that I provide, is an expression of energy flow and begins much before the physical contact.

Is a Tantra massage erotic? Yes. But differently from most other kinds of sexual activities, one person is exclusively the receiver (and the other one the giver), so that the receiver doesn’t need to bother at all about how to give pleasure to the other person. He can stay exclusively with himself and with his own experience. This allows feeling it deeply, connecting sexual arousal with the whole being. However if you feel sexual interaction is what you desire to experience, you may want to check out my page about Sacred Intimacy

At the beginning of our session I will ask you if you are fine with full body contact. In this case I will integrate elements of Body Flow massage where I am using my whole body and different parts of it to create the strongest connection of intimacy.

A second difference is, that particularly we as men are typically very focused in our sexuality on the genital area of our body. In Tantra we integrate deliberately the whole body and distribute the sexual energy each time when the sexual tension get’s high into every part of the body. Having felt this, this can completely change your sexual experience with other sexual encounters or partners.

Not only the lingam (male genital) massage kindles sexual arousal but the whole body and it participates as a whole in the celebration of orgasmic energy

The third difference is: we don’t aim in having an ejaculation. Sexual behaviour in this success- and result-oriented world where deep feelings (that take time) often don’t have room, is often very much focused and hurrying towards the intended ejaculation. this is a very important point. In Tantra we rather keep sexual energy because it is one of the strongest energies we have as humans and that we can use for bringing a lot of creativity into the world. We can learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation which at the same time allows to experience multiple or long-term orgasms.

For further questions check out this great FAQ site for Tantra massages.


360.-€ full package 2 hours (in case of prolongation I calculate 90€ for each started 30′)

270.-€ small package without genital massage 1.5 hours

Both packages include:

  • Communication before (finding out what exactly you need)
  • Short intro arrival meditation
  • Undressing ritual
  • Massage
  • Contact after the session (a massage session can bring up many subjects).
  • Sheets, towels, shower. 

If you are rather looking for an interactive session, check out the page about Sacred Intimacy. 

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I am based in Heidelberg, Germany and when staying there I give my sessions at my own place. It is approx 1 hour from Frankfurt and 1.5 hours from Stuttgart. You will receive address details when making your appointment.  

I am also giving sessions various times the year in Berlin or on one of my other travels mostly in Europe, the US and Latin America. For those availabilities, please register for my newsletter. 


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Every massage is different, just as every person is. So what you are seeing in this series of pictures of a massage that I held, is not exactly what will happen in yours. But it may illustrate the focus, intensity and intimacy (according to the level of intimacy you desire) of my work. You can be sure that you have my total attention and my full energy in every moment of our session.

Pictures by www.MalePassion.de