The Receiving Tantra Session

In the Western world the term “Tantra massage” has become widely common. I have stopped using this term and instead speak of a “Receiving Tantra Session” (as opposed to an Interacting Tantra Session). Yes I am a trained Tantra Masseur but this is only one of my roots. Although outwardly a lot of this type of session I offer, may resemble a massage, it has a totally different context, goal, orientation and transformational power. All is about energy and about presence. This Tantric experience doesn’t have the goal of a change in your body, your muscles, your tissues (that can be a bi-product). It wants to connect you deeply with your own essence which is beyond time and space. I am standing myself in presence and draw you into presence. I am using my Shamanic energetic abilities and activate in this space your sexual power, which serves as a portal to extend consciousness. What I believe together with the old Tantricos from millennia ago is, that sexual power is one of the strongest powers we have as humans, and together with the ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures, that it is a mighty portal to the space beyond our limited dimensions, a wider room where the essence of our personality dwells.

When you experience a Receiving Tantra Session, your body, soul and spirit flow together in one, a kind of oneness that you may not have experienced before:

  • Body: You discover how from most subtle sensations to highly ecstatic and explosive concentrations of sexual energy your body participates in transporting you into the timeless space where transformation originates.
  • Soul: Deeper layers of your soul can come to the surface, that you don’t usually have access to in your day-to-day life. The safe space I hold for you allows this opening, so that these layers can get touched by universal love (often communicated through me and my body, only limited by the boundaries you set) and like this, profound healing can take place.
  • Spirit: Liberated through the processes of body and soul, your whole system elevates into a higher state of consciousness that gives you access to your intrinsic connection to Source.

What happens during the session? Many variations are possible according to your own personal needs and the process in which you find yourself – but in a typical session, you will receive initially in all parts of the body very slow and energetically loaded stroking touch, sometimes hovering, sometimes with deep impact in your muscle tissue. Through this, your body (and through it your soul and spirit) will understand more deeply in every moment of presence during the session, what is the immense love of the universe for you. That in itself has huge transformational power. Emotional blockages that are manifest in certain points of the body will be released and make your whole vessel ready for the fire of sexual energy moving through it. The lingam (cock) massage will let you experience new sensations in your genitals, far from stereotypical (boring) masturbation habits and increase the fire of arousal, together with all other stimuli already coming from various body zones. This energy will then be moved through the entire body till a point that I would call Inner Prolonged

Not only the lingam (male genital) massage kindles sexual arousal but the whole body participates in the celebration of orgasmic energy

Orgasm, where this energy will not be shot out, but rather be used to move you into a very personal experience of a long enduring dry climax, that allows all kinds of inner processes, according to what you need right now.

Is a Receiving Tantra Session erotic? Yes. But differently from most other kinds of sexual activities, one person is exclusively the receiver (and the other one the giver), so that the receiver doesn’t need to bother at all about how to give pleasure to the other person. He can stay exclusively with himself and with his own experience (so that gender and sexual orientation does really not play a crucial role). This allows feeling it deeply, connecting sexual arousal with the whole being. However if you feel sexual interaction is what you desire to experience, you may want to check out my page about Interacting Tantra Sessions.

At the beginning of our session I will ask you if you are fine with full body contact. In this case I will integrate elements of Body Flow massage where I am using my whole body and different parts of it to create the strongest connection of intimacy.

A second difference is, that particularly as men are typically very focused in our sexuality on the genital area of our body. In Tantra we integrate deliberately the whole body and distribute the sexual energy each time the sexual tension get’s high into every part of the body. Having felt this, this can completely change your sexual experience with other sexual encounters or partners.

The third difference is: we don’t aim in having an ejaculation (of course it is not “forbidden”, relax). Sexual behaviour in this success- and result-oriented world where deep feelings (that take time) often don’t have room, is often very much focused and hurrying towards the intended ejaculation. Our session will be an entirely different experience.

If you are interested but have open questions or I got you confused with my description 😉 – don’t hesitate to write to me, Patrick. For appointments you can ideally get in touch with me through Whatsapp +49 175 5210721.


(The following prices refer to sessions given in my hometown Heidelberg, Germany. Prices can vary depending on differences in local price levels for sessions during my travels to other places in the world.)

360.-€ full package 2 hours (in case of prolongation I calculate 90€ for each started 30′)

270.-€ small package without genital massage 1.5 hours

(When reserving an appointment I ask for 100€ prepayment as a reservation guarantee). 

Both packages include:

  • Communication before (finding out what exactly you need)
  • Short intro arrival meditation
  • Undressing ritual
  • Core Session
  • Contact after the session (a massage session can bring up many subjects).
  • Sheets, towels, shower. 

If you are rather looking for an interactive session, check out the page about Interactive Tantra Session. 

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I am based in Heidelberg, Germany and when staying there I give my sessions at my own place. It is approx 1 hour from Frankfurt and 1.5 hours from Stuttgart. You will receive address details when making your appointment.  

I am also giving sessions various times of the year in Berlin or on one of my other travels mostly in Europe, the US and Latin America. For those availabilities, please register for my newsletter. 


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Every session is different, just as every person is. So what you are seeing in this series of pictures of a Receiving Tantra Session, is not exactly what will happen in yours. But it may illustrate the focus, intensity and intimacy (according to the level of intimacy you desire) of my work. You can be sure that you have my total attention and my full energy in every moment of our session.

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