1-1 Sessions

The intention of my work with you

As humans we have an enormous potential for creativity, sharing love and bring forth changes and healing. But most in most of us a lot of it is blocked and we feel a desire and craving for “more”, for meaningful connection, for fulfillment and powerful use of our gifts. We may or may not be aware of reasons (many are very good in analyzing), but that does not bring us to experiencing what we desire. We feel unhappy when we cannot express the great capacities in us because we sense deep in us that there is so much more we could bring onto this earth.

In our human experience, the deepest root of our creativity is our sexual energy (passion). And the room of empathy and love is our heart and it’s feelings. If we want both to fully unfold and get fruitful to others, both of them must be liberated and connected. This is one part of what I am doing in my work.

While those too are strongly linked to the horizontal relationship between us and other beings, we will not experience the meaning and power of them, when we are not also vertically connected: grounded in our earthly being and with regard to “heaven”, i.e. aware of our essence which is beyond earth, beyond time and space, beyond the known dimensions. Here again our sexuality comes into play: not only does it help to connect beautifully with others but it is a major way for us to experience our connection with the divine source and that is our oneness with all. Unfortunately few of us profoundly experience this sexual ecstasy that it is designed for. I’m there to lead you into it.

Summarized that means, I am targetting

  • Liberation of sexual / passion energy and its creative power
  • Release of feelings, our capacity to love, new way of dealing with trauma which in many cases has closed up or controlled our world of feelings
  • help to connect those and experience the holistic union of body soul and spirit.
  • Lead into a deeper experience of what really makes our essence and connect to what is beyond our understanding by leading into the experience of sexual ecstasy.

Types of 1-1 work

Receiving Tantra Session (“Massage”)

A Receiving Tantra Session can be a wonderful way to deeply feel connection and touch. They lead into integrating our own sexual energy without sexual interaction, i.e. without need of bothering about giving pleasure to someone else. This can bring you into a totally new and transformative way of experiencing your own sexuality. Read more…

Interacting Tantra Session (“Sacred Intimacy”)

Instead of fully dropping into the receivers role and experience sexual energy this way, an Interactive Tantra session, as the name says, has room for sexual interaction: 

  • If you want to liberate the expression of your passion energy 
  • If your sexual experiences leave you unsatisfied or need to be constantly repeated because they are disconnected from other parts of your person and it is not profoundly nourishing you
  • If you need healing intimacy and the experience of being held in a secure loving space
  • If you want to dive deeper into ecstatic experience of your higher self… / Read more…
Intimate Realtime Connection (available online)

I lead you in our online or onsite session into a state of presence in which you can access the reality of connectedness for the connection with me. Together we will establish either a nourishing and fulfilling heart bridge in the position you need (being held, hold and show your power) or a sexual contact that allows you to step out of limitations you normally believed space and time would give you. Alternatively the experience can base on any other chakra you feel wants to connect. I speak more of this type of real-time bridge in this blog post. 

55€ / 15′ (minimum 30′, recommended 45′-60′)

(not in your budget?)

Coaching sessions and programs (available online)

If you feel that your potential does not fully express in your life or if you feel that your sexual power is not integrated and not activating all the rest of your person and being, you can book an individual session with me to look at it together. However, most of the time these things take a process of transformation. I accompany you through this process which includes both consciousness sessions (verbal) and practical exercises. 

On request.

Shamanic Energy Transmission (available online!)

Initially we have a small communication so that I know where to reach you. In the remaining session I transmit energy to you. You will feel the energy and can express it through moves and sounds. This can be an enormously liberating experience.

45€ / 15′ (minimum 30′, recommended 45′-60′)


Book free 20 min call. Let’s get to know each other, find out if we are a match, if I can help you and what is best for you. Just send me an eMail with your picture (which helps me more to imagine you than words) and tell me a bit about you. I’ll come back to you for making an appointment.