Interactive Tantra Session (“Sacred Intimacy”)

While in a Receiving Tantra Session there is a clear separation of the giver (“Masseur”) and the receiver (let’s say: you) and the quality and depth of the experience bases on the receivers readiness to drop into this receiving role and through it experiencing their own sexual energy and where it can bring them to, in the connection with their whole body and soul (without having to “give back” anything and get active) – for a part of my clients this is not what they need. What they require, desire, and what allows them to liberate their energy, transform and grow, goes beyond receiving: 

Sacred Intimacy provides an open space where closeness can be explored, while staying closely in touch with the own person, self-esteem and desire, and exploring them together in the free play of giving, receiving and consent.

An Interacting Tantra Session is an open space where this separation between giver and receiver dissolves and there is room for both to allow action to flow through them. As a “receiver” you don’t stay limited to this role but you can express your sexual energy actively. This means you can allow yourself to surrender to your untamed erotic passion as you may never have allowed yourself to express. Most of us have adopted limitations of our greatest energy (which is the sexual energy), because of education, “moral”, or fear of the beast in us, and we are sometimes afraid of where this could possibly lead us to. In this type of session, you have a safe container, where you can allow yourself to try it out. I am holding the space in which you can express yourself with me and get to know yourself in a much more profound way that doesn’t get limited by taboos and restrictions. The boundaries are set by both parts and make the safety of the countainer. 

For many of my clients this is a liberating experience that profoundly changes their way of interacting sexually with their partner(s) and even beyond the sexual realm. What we are sexually, does often reflect what we are in the world in general. Likewise we can most effectively change the position that we take in the world (ready to lead, self-secure to create, to stay independent of others and their validation) by changing our sexual behavior. In fact sexual interaction is one of the most transformative tools because nothing is as deeply rooted in our personality as our sexuality is. 

At the same time, most realities in relationship structures can re-appear in a sexual context and be transmuted through this work. A typical example is a father wound that expresses in a desire to be lovingly dominated so that I deeply realize the fact of being important enough to be taken care of. Also a desire for brotherhood can express in a desire of showing myself sexually (which is the most vulnerable, unhidden reality of my person) and experiencing my brother the same way. This can transmit and gradually more and more install a deep feeling of connectedness. 

For others, the simple hug and intimate touch creates the deep sense of being loved, that we have been craving for all our lives and a healing process is initiated (nothing heals as powerfully as love does).

The Tantric Spaceholder transmits the universal love sensually and/or sexually that is there for you through all he does (from holding space to any sensual and sexual interaction). This love lets you heal, grow and transmute in the most powerful and sustainable way.  


440.-€  Standard package (2 hours session. In case you need additional time, 110€ will be added per additional begun half our)

330.-€  Small package (1.5 hours). 

(When reserving an appointment I ask for 100€ prepayment as a reservation guarantee).  

Both packages contain:

  • Communication before (finding out what exactly you need and how we will go there)
  • Time of evolving free play
  • Sharing after the session
  • Sheets, Towels, Shower
  • Aftercare

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I am based in Heidelberg, Germany and when staying there I give my sessions at my own place. It is approx 1 hour from Frankfurt and 1.5 hours from Stuttgart. You will receive address details when making your appointment.  

I am also giving sessions various times the year in Berlin or on one of my other travels mostly in Europe, the US and Latin America. For those availabilities, please register for my newsletter.