This is a blog for gay men about spirituality and sexuality. Our Cultures or religions have largely shaped us into a feeling that makes spirituality and sexuality a contradiction. This feeling is often still undermining unconsciously our feeling and behaviour even after we know that this is not so.

This Website / Blog / Gallery intends to share helpful content of the reconciliation of our whole holistic personality and to create a community of like-minded gay men who celebrate their body and sexuality as spiritual persons who at the same time feel connected to the unspeakable mystery behind all manifestation and form, and their essence beyond space and time.

Me and my friends will share sexual content, ideas, imagery, thoughts, experiences without hiding – for some that may feel like “drastically” open, which is essential for reaching our goal in a shame based environment. In order to create a safe space for this sharing and commenting and creating community, all sexual content is reserved to registered users. We are amongst us. Content is free of charge and will always be. This site does not have any economic purpose. 

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