This is a website for men / male identifying individuals who understand that they are all one only brotherhood, regardless their sexual orientation, color, age, and social standing and that their sexuality is an integral part of us that we all share and celebrate, because it is the strongest energy we have. (Our interested sisters are welcome as well!)

Aspiring to live our earthly life out of the awareness of our higher consciousness, which is beyond space and time, we have stopped separating our spirituality from our sexuality and instead, use the energy of eros as a portal to our divine essence.

Myself (Patrick Emmanuel) and my friends, we want to encourage to connect with each other and to embrace all the power given to us, in order to step into the full calling of what we are meant to be in our small time on this earth, discontinue limitation through mere human conventions and patters (including sexual orientation), that have bound us to long learned conditioning, so that instead we live abundantly for sharing love, light and beauty, and raise the consciousness of this planet.

The pictures I am posting reflect my own journey, relationship to my body, sexuality and to what is beyond the physical world, and are not meant to set limits to what gender to love.


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