Sacred Intimacy Retreat (Gran Canaria)

March 16-20, 2024 in Aya House, Maspalomas

This retreat is a 5* days (4 nights) intensive encounter with yourself, your energy body, your sexual energy, in connection and interaction with a tribe of like-minded brothers, where we use techniques of Tantra, Yoga, Embodiment to get in touch with our deepest essence and with one another. You will unleash your creative power through connecting to your untamed passion and discover new levels of intimacy and meaningful touch.

“Sacred” in all cultures of all times was called the space, where as humans we entered the unlimited, “divine”, timeless reality that does not depend on anything, but from where everything originates. 

“Intimacy” and sexuality is largely seen as an area of our merely human need, sometimes even as something dirty, that needs to be hidden, – and for many of us also an area of lack. How do those two terms correlate? 

As a tribe of men and brothers, all on our very personal journey, but all with similar struggles and joys – honest with one another and vulnerable -, we are going to dive deeply into an exploration, in which we connect to our untamed passion energy, that will allow the unfolding of deeper layers of our power. May be these have never been able to fully show up before. By beginning with a strong connection to ourselves, our soul and our body in Jesse’s embodiment and yoga classes, we will cease the need to make the other person and body a replacement for lacking love and sense of self. Instead we will learn techniques to drop out of the controlling mind and deeply connect with pure presence. 

From this place in a great freedom that allows the flow of universal love (not hindered by limiting preferences), we will dive into giving and receiving of intimacy in a fashion, that is no longer controlled by the mind and by considerations and goals, but where full surrender to the flow of life can take place and allow its power to emerge.

Having created a container of trust and having become used to easy ways of realizing and communicating boundaries, we will then be able to experience what the ancient Greeks called the Sacred Orgy, a flowing together of bodies in which we find ourselves in Oneness with all Being – a tremendously empowering experience. By doing so, we will realize how this brings us in contact with our own timeless essence, from which we gain overview, meaning and direction for all things in life. 

*By staying these 2 half and 3 full days and nights together as a “holy bubble”, often naked, ideally disconnected from the world around** and digital media, in the beautiful surrounding that Aya House provides us (a 10 min drive from Maspalomas, Gran Canaria), we will feel held by loving brothers holding space for us, as well as fulfilled by holding space for others. Before (in order to get ready) or after (in order to process and integrate), it is highly recommended to add a few days to your stay on the beautiful island. 

Pix of our beautiful home for this intense processe “Aya House”  Gran Canaria- kindly provided by Richard & Daniele

What a typical day looks like

08:00 [Optional] Guided Meditation or Qigong exercise

08:30 Breakfast

09:30 Yoga and Embodiment class

11:00 Tantra / Energy work 

13:00 Lunch, followed by lunch break for rest and alone time.

16:00 Class 3, 18:00 Class 4

19:30 Dinner

20:30 “Campfire” – following the tradition of tribes in the whole world, this time holds space for everything that shows up, from deep sharings, to cuddles, to intimate exchange.  

We don’t have a binding schedule though. This space is for US without any external need or duty, so we will entirely go with the flow and give the priority to everything that serves for the best of our profound experience. Therefore the days will vary.

But be prepared to basically stay together because of the process we will be going through, except for alone times and walks in the beautiful nature around. . 

Price / Booking



  • SOLD OUT Double room with single occupancy 
  • Standard Double room for sharing* (1 Kingsize bed): 1380€ (early bird: 1100€)  
  • SOLD OUT Superior Double room for sharing* (2 Kingsize beds, spacious room, ensuite bathroom): 1580€ (early bird: 1300€)
  • Quadruple room* (President room with beautiful view, 2 Kingsize beds, shared with 4 persons): 1100€ (early bird: 900€) 

*If needed we help you find your room partner

(Rooms vary in space, view, facilities. They are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis) 

Registrations are valid only after payment. For payment by installments and for reduced tickets (low income =  retired, unemployed, student…) contact us on  


  • Accomodation (large king-size bed double rooms)
  • 3 vegetarian meals per day, lovingly prepared by the staff of Aya House
  • Workshops/Tuition (around 30h workshop sessions)
  • Personal care where needed (“24/7” in 5 days 🙂 )

Not included:

  • Your trip and your way from the airport the retreat center. (We will help participants to find the easy public transports or to organize ride shares)
  • Beverages (available inexpensive onsite)

Any questions? Write to .

Your facilitators

Patrick Emmanuel (he/him) / Tantra, Mystery school 

Patrick Emmanuel (Heidelberg, Germany) has been grounded in spirituality since deep mystical experiences in his early youth.  For over 25 years, he has traveled the world, visiting more than 100 countries, trying to help reconnect to ones divine essence and love. Intense, late process of coming in/out in 2011. Learning to celebrate his body using artistic nude photography as a tool to integrate his sexuality with his spirituality. Training as a tantra masseur, tantra instructor and sacred intimate. Shamanic initiation in 2022. Patrick holds workshops about Tantra, energetic touch, and transformation through sexual ecstasy and photography. Creator of the platform  (blog, gallery, community of currently around 1.5k men).

Jesse Elkins (he/they) / Yoga, Embodiment

Jesse is the founder of Full Sun Fitness, a personal training network for Queer and ally communities. His background as a competitive swimmer inspired years of exploration to deepen his mind+body connection. Jesse studied ballet and modern dance, taught dance to people living with disabilities at the Sydney Dance Company. 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Master of Public Health in Physical Activity & Nutrition (UNCC), Certified Personal Trainner (ISSA). His goal is to bring breath, awareness, and self-compassion to exercise and to help people illuminate and sustain their individual wellness. He is committed to deconstructing harmful fitness trends and says, “Come as you are, not how society says you should be”.

Sharing a bit about my last retreat…

May be these pictures of my last retreat in October 23 in Portugal give a little bit of an insight although we didn’t take many and focused on the inner work – and also didn’t want to take photos of the more “juicy” stuff that required us to be fully present for one another without anybody watching (or capturing pix) from outside. But at least it may give you a little idea of the vibe…

These are just a few feedbacks that I got my last retreats. For me it is a honor to facilitate inner growth, courage to take a tremendous leap in the personal development, new freedoms – and help a lot of new friendships arise.