Workshop: New Portals!

In all of us there is a tremendous capacity of giving and receiving love and energy on many levels. Our body (including the beautiful possibilities of touch with another body) is one of the primal means to transport this and bring and receive certainty, healing, deep pleasure which means fulfilment. Amongst the great possibilities of touch, sexuality is given to us specifically as a wonderful way of connecting both Body / Soul / Spirit and of connecting ourselves with other humans on all these levels.

In theory. But do we honestly experience this in every day life? Or are we rather longing for this meaningful touch without being able to interchange it? Is Sexuality, if sufficiently available at all, not mostly rather “fun”, a quick experience that does not reach the depths of our soul, and that needs to be constantly and quicky repeated because it cannot sooth what the soul is craving for? And when we speak of “body”, are we happy with our own body, the only vessel we have to incorporate and interchange this deep fulfillment – and if not, how should we be able to do it?   

This workshop wants to open us a totally new horizon to what touch can mean. How our whole person can be present in it. How our sexual energy can be sensibly celebrated in a way that it connects us with ourselves and with other humans – as one of our strongest creative powers. It will bring us into a different quality of encounter as gay men. It will integrate the needs of our soul – to be held, to be loved, to be seen, to be validated – and the ways of our body to give us a deep experience of it. We are going to use elements of Tantra, that has taught me a lot, and several other methods and sources. 

You should be fine with being naked with other men and open to new experiences. At the same time you have always freedom to step out of an excercise. There will be no penetrative sex. Every interaction will be based on consensus and we are going to train how a “no!” can be freely expressed – and received with appreciation, without being hurt. What counts is full harmony with yourself first, than this harmony can be lived together. 

The place I have selected is one of the most beautiful spots in the world, Zipolite, the only official nude beach of Mexico, a place full of vibrant energy, wonderful (gay) people, possibilities to socialize but also stunning lonely beaches. (More about Zipolite in my blog post.) The retreat center is just a few meters from the beach. Looking forward to have a fantastic time with you!  

Patrick Emmanuel
Tantra Masseur
Body worker
Ex Missionary

Nicolas Jesus Fuentes
Massage Therapist
Reiki, Shiatsu, Thai,

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