Energetic Erotic Connections
  • 6 sessions of 120 min, every Thursday online from Nov 10 – Dez 15, 2022 (recordings available)
  • No physical meeting required
  • Experience the powerful REALity of energetic connection
  • Transcent Limits of time and space – as pair or Sacred Orgy

Do you want to connect with the guys you really want to be with at any time? Do you want to stop to feel alone with your arousal when you cannot meet physically? In this series of 6 weekly training classes you are going to learn and practically experience how a real (not “imagined”) erotic connection can be established and powerfully experienced while only an online contact (or not even) is available.

You will discover the powerful capacities in you to connect with others energetically, sensually, sexually beyond the limitations of space and time. You will experience this, both in a pair setting as well as in a group of brothers like you as the “Sacred Orgy”, a space of deep connection both sexually and on the level of your deeper essence. 

In that you can experience deep transmutation for your wider life subjects and find them transforming in the light of a pure presence.

I’ll help you to develop the skill to use these connections “on demand” and extend your scope of experience of closeness with others in your daily life dramatically. By doing so, you will attract the partners that you desire. You will fulfill desire and go beyond desire into a realm of oneness that is able to encompass more than your heart has ever been able to grasp before.


Every thursday from Nov 10 to Dec 15 (i.e. Nov 10, Nov 17, Nov 24, Dec 1, Dec 8, Dec 15) at the following time:

  • 9 PST (California)
  • 12 EST (US Eastern) 
  • 18 CET (Central Europe)

If you are not available for a date, you will receive the recording


Module 1: Connection
  • Entering Presence to go beyond the limits of time and space
  • Consciousness about desires and boundaries
  • Exercise: Connecting (Eye-gazing and heart contact) / Mutual expressing of upcoming realizations and erotic energy
Module 2: Touch
  • Spontaneous noises and presence 
  • Connect with the own energy body and the energy body of a partner
  • Exercise: Tender and deep mutual touch (non-erotic and erotic)
Module 3: Spaceholding and Threesome
  • Spontaneous moves and presence
  • Non-verbal realization of mutual positions
  • Exercise: Settings of 3 and energetic space-holding 
Module 4: Deeper sexual practices
  • Merging energetically through penetration in an energetic context
  • Exercise: Consent about finding deeper sexual practices (all is possible, particularly penetration)
Module 5
  • Introduction into background and experience of the Sacred Orgy
  • Exercise: Erotic encounter with groups of 4 
Module 6
  • Energetic encounter without Online support (communicationvia energy only)
  • Passing the boundaries of time
  • How to spend the night together energetically
  • Exercise: Sacred Orgy encounter

Book your space 

The price for the 6 sessions of 90 min is 280 $ (plus ticketing fee). Video recordings with lifelong access are included. (Participants are not recorded). 

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