Booking of Retreats in Casa Risa, Portugal (Algarve) 

1. Make your booking with the resort/hotel Casa Risa at There choose your room category and choose the dates of the retreat, possibly adding days before or after. (You will be e-mailed by the hotel and can then specify that you are coming for the retreat). Payment is done between the hotel and you following their policies.

2. Ideally inform me directly about your booking at (If you wish to share a room with another participant, add this to your eMail to us, we will try to put you in touch). 

3. I will then send you the payment information for the retreat on my side and a questionnaire (I am not using a ticketing provider to save you and me ticketing fees). After full payment I will confirm your space for the retreat. Let me know if you need special payment conditions.  

Casa Risa