Your Greatness! – Tantric Self Discovery & Nude Photography

  • Retreat in Algarve, Portugal 13th-16th October 2022 in the beautiful clothing optional resort Casa Risa
  • 3-month program with individually assisted training including lighting and photo editing
  • Two 1-on-1 online sessions included

People have often asked me “how did you find this liberty to show yourself in your naked body?” and others “how do you take such beautiful photographs?”.

This program does not only want to answer these questions but to take you into the same joy:

Photography is a wonderful way to experience our creativity and celebrate our body. But how do we deal with negative feelings we may have about our body? Through this program you will discover ways to relate more deeply to yourself, to your body and all of its parts.

Photographical tips of a master photographer who has gone through the same struggles, will help you to overcome shame, discover your beauty and create outstanding photographic works. You will realize that this is an incredibly healing process. When you shoot other gorgeous men, you will realize, that you are actually a part of them, too.

“Casa Risa”, an outstanding clothing optional resort in Algarve, south Portugal (still warm enough in October) is a beautiful environment for pictures which provides plenty of interesting perspectives. All the pictures on this page (apart the ones at the nearby beach) are taken there and provide examples of the photographic possibilities. 

The nearby beaches count amongst the most stunning nude cliff beaches of the world. All of this as your back-drop, will allow you to reveal in your pictures even more, the extraordinary person you are. This process will happen in the midst of a group of wonderful, honest brothers with whom you will become deeply connected.



A daily morning meditation will allow us to feel deeply the connection with ourselves, our body and with our companions and we will realize how we can assist one another in this process. Classes will be held each morning. In the afternoon you can either continue your practice in many different beautiful locales (such as the cliff beach), or just enjoy yourself in the wonderful landscape, sun and sea. In the evenings we will learn to curate pictures, and on request dive into sensual and erotic photography or experience tantric encounters within the group.

If you are able to extend your trip to the retreat in Portugal by a few days, you will be able to combine this workshop with the Sacred Intimacy workshop of Patrick Emmanuel in the same venue.

While days are getting darker in November and December it is the ideal time to study photo editing and make most from the extraordinary raw material that you will bring from the retreat. For this purpose we will have 2 monthly 90 min classes (all together 6 classes) both for continuing to extend professional photo editing skills as well as exchanging our ongoing experience and questions that arise from it.

Before the retreat and at a time during the 3 months period after it, you will be offered a 1-on-1 session with Patrick to discuss everything that came up for you and where you like to be assisted, either in your photographic skills or in what the workshop brings up in your personal development.


  • Camera: You don’t necessarily need a fancy camera. All kinds of cameras or cell phones may be used. Of course it would be helpful if you are familiar with your device. If you have a more professional camera and you are not sure on how to use, we can also assist you with that. Obviously, being able to change the focal length (optical zoom) and the aperture allows you to influence the picture more and utilize more of the information you will receive.
  • Computer: If you want to join in my explanation of basic editing and make your pictures ready having a laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic installed would be optimal (The Adobe photo subscription is around 12€ / month (including photoshop) but you can also obtain a 7 days test version at


How to reach the venue: If you come by flight, you have to fly into Faro, Portugal. From there you can either rent a car (40 min drive) – this which will allow you also to reach one of the 8 nudist beaches around in the afternoons. Or you use the hotel’s shuttle service from the airport. Alternatively you can come by car or train from Lisbon (2,5 hours).

Price / Booking

Standard Ticket

  • 1,165 €  booking before Sept 5
  • 1,275 €  booking after Sept 5

Reduced Ticket (with purchase you confirm that you need support because of low income – such as retired, unemployed, student…)

  • 865.- € booking before Sept 5
  • 975.- € booking after Sept

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or send and eMail with your questions. This refers also to requests for scholarships.

Not included:

  • Hotel of retreat 3 nights (booked directly with hotel If you like to take a double room with another participant we can help you to find a room mate and book together. 
  • Your trip to the retreat

Your facilitator

Patrick Emmanuel has been grounded in spirituality since deep mystical experiences in his early youth.  For over 25 years, he has traveled the world, visiting more than 100 countries, trying to help reconnect brothers and sisters to their divine essence and love. However, for all those years, due to his strongly Christian upbringing, he suppressed his sexuality and avoided any contact with his body. A major personal upheaval initiated a process of intense development and spiritual inquiry that led to accept and embrace his homosexuality, to start celebrating his body using artistic nude photography as a tool (creator of the label, and to integrating sexuality with his spirituality. Training as a tantra masseur, tantra instructor and sacred intimate. Shamanic initiation in 2022. Patrick holds workshops about Tantra, integration of sexuality and spirituality, energetic touch, and transformation through sexual ecstasy and photography. He is also the creator of the platform  (blog, gallery, community of currently around 1.2 k gay men).