Voyage of Consciousness

September 14-21, 2024 

This is an invitation for friends and personally know interested individuals to a beautiful and extraordinary common retreat experience, that I  have carried on my heart for a long time. The time has come for creating the space and structure for in this present plan, and that will be the model for future retreats I am preparing to offer in (semi-) public. You are invited to experience it among the first and also to further mould it with me. 

As long as we focus on this surrounding world with its challenges, “realities”, needs and structures alone, we stay in a system-immanent causality loop from where we cannot gain access to any deeper meaning or orientation. Special moments, like standing in front of an overwhelming landscape or sunset, the experience of an orgasm (as short as this experience may be for some and hampered through lots of mind activity) or meditation allow us to touch the greater reality beyond the limitations of 3D-space and time. For most people that remains a glance of something rather foreign and astoundable. 

Psychedelics have been known in all cultures and generations to be a powerful tool that makes it possible to dive deep into the realization of what is beyond. Under their effect we can actually transcend the confines of our own personality, and experience Oneness with the universe / cosmos / void / the source of all being. In the most complete version of the practice, it is referred to as ego-death experience (where the smaller I of our human experience entirely dissolves into Oneness). 

Touch and sexuality, likewise, as the ancient Greeks have discovered, similarly like the Tantricos in the Eastern hemisphere, can equally become a powerful portal into this divine reality. In this case the flowing into Oneness is the oneness experience with other bodies, their energy and the personality that they represent.

This is, why in the Mystery Schools”, both elements were used together. Their understanding was, that if transformation is to happen in the world, it happens through our transformation into Oneness with the Gods. In modern words I would say, while we get fully identified and connected with the mystery of all being (the void, Source, our timeless essence…) we become a tool of healing and of transformation – which the world right now desperately needs. This is why this work is for me something sacred and of ultimate importance, and although extremely pleasurable on one hand side, it’s also challenging becaus it brings us to the limit of what we believed our being to be, and it’s tremendously transformative and powerful and doesn’t leave us the same persons. 

This is what I invite you for and I am ready to hold the space for your and our common experience and do all what is needed for us to become the deeply sincere brotherhood needed for it – and to provide the structures that will help us to go through it. 

Concrete plan

We are going to gather in a group, all of them known to me personally and chosen for the invitation. 

  • Beginning: Saturday 14th September 2024 beginning at 5pm (so you can travel on Saturday without an extra holiday) 
  • End: Saturday 21th September at 1pm (so that you can travel back and get used to your home on Sunday before possibly working on monday again). 
  • Place: This is yet to define and depends also on the size of the group. It will be at a place that is easily reachable by flight within Europe and also from North and South America. It will be a place in nature where we are not disturbed and can be naked outside (still warm enough) and where nobody will bother us with foreign energies we don’t need these days. 
  • Prerequisits: You should have at least one psychedelic experience (not micro dosing), ideally more.
  • Costs: The retreat will be basically on donation basis (I ask for at least 100€ for my organization and efforts). The costs for food, living, substances will be shared. 


  • Saturday 14th we come together at 5pm. Everybody will feel that he can be vulnerable and fully open and we will discover that together and mutually we can hold space for one another. 
  • Sunday through Tuesday (3 full days) will be similar like my Tantra retreats – with many elements leading us to ourselves, into honest presence and connection with source, and into a sincere deep brotherhood. We will often be naked, we will use Yoga and Qigong, meditation and breathwork practices, journaling, many different tantric exercises and we will learn tools to drop out of the mind. From this place we have our first physical experiences with one another, find out about giving and receiving pleasure, about voicing and following desires and boundaries. That will be a lot of fun. Dancing included (some of it with elements similar to contact impro with a possibility to express erotic energy). 
  •  Wednesday will be our main ceremony – our deep dive into the psychedelic space within which we will experience a number of the practices that we have loved before without use of substance, and we will discover how differently it feels and where this leads us to. 
  • Thursday and Friday will be two full integration days with a lot of room to process the experiences alone and together, in nature, with your body, with your journal, beautiful heartcircles. 
  • Saturday 21st we have time, in all patience and peace to get ready for our trips, spiritually, emotionally and practically and to make sure we have a strong blessing behind us, accompanying us into the transition in our usual surrounding. The planned departure time is 1pm. 

The Group

The experience of my retreats is, that very quickly so different people can become real brothers, allow themselves to be vulnerable, knowing that this is not a space where they need to impress and to be pretty, but where everybody can entirely be themselves, and where the others are perceived as the persons who support me in my journey, listen to me and understand me. The simple fact of being naked, paired with honesty and openness, often very quickly makes us let go of our guards. We discover a curiosity for people that we might normally never have interacted with. Limitations get widened. Of course nobody is forced into nothing, you are always sovereign and the creator of your own experience. But the room will be held and safe for you to be able to go deep and surrender into what is, and what wants to meet you, if this is what you choose.

The planned maximum number of participants is 8. 

Signing up

If you are interested, I ask you to fill the form by clicking the button below. You can choose Options between “interested but not sure” (with the possibility to ask questions or share your concerns etc, may be we can help you), “definitely want to come but practical questions open” and “date is reserved, I defininitely plan to come”. As soon as you feel like you can commit, I ask you to express your commitment by sending 50€. I need a minimum number of committed participants to book a venue. As soon as I book the venue I need a prepayment for the possible deposit by those who have committed. If you are limited financially payment on installments will be provided. Also you can add a condition to your sign-up, such as “I can only commmit if the price of the venue is not higher than xyz” or others. This will mean that you can always cancel if the condition is not met – although you do a full sign-up commitment. 

Early decisions would be great for the goal of the event! 

  1. For yourself: You don’t need to bother about having the days free because you have reserved them and if necessary can already ask for holidays. Also you can prepare in your heart for this event and observe the intentions that come up for a longer period of time. 
  2. For me: You give me safety to plan and the necessary information for selecting a place

If you book late, we may already have selected a place that is not large enough for you or the maximum number of participants is reached.