Oops, but that is a lot of money!

Yes you are right. Good point. Let me share this with you:

I am not performing some techniques with my fingers on your body. I am giving myself and that’s what you are going to receive from me.

  • I am giving my body for a unique experience I allow you to experience through my physical presence and practice and all kinds of physical contact.
  • …my body with the whole soul behind expressed through this body, together with all that has traced this soul through decades to be what it is, with the love that is in me and that I am ready to share and that I believe will touch you.
  • …and my soul with the spirit behind this soul, where I get my strength from. I am in charge to keep this spirit clear and connected. But you will feel this spirit through the energy that I am transmitting by touch.

All this is very precious to me. And it cannot be weighed out by a payment. So you will always receive more than what you pay. But I am expressing the fact that I am giving you the most precious I have, in the form of a number, called price (for me it is rather an energy exchange then a price because we don’t speak of some goods that can be simply converted into money. What you get is not “payable” in the sense of a simple trading). This “price” says that you are dealing with something precious.

While you agree with this “price” you don’t enrich me. (I am giving most of the money away to where it is needed on this globe anyway). But what you do: you express that you acknowledge you are receiving something precious and that you consider it as such. And by so doing, you decide to show yourself love in giving to yourself the present of a precious moment that will deeply touch you.