Tantric Naked Nature Camp, USA:

Reconnect with your Power!

September 2-5, 2022 in North Carolina, USA

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Join us in the remote temperate rainforests of the Nantahala National Forest at one of the southeastern United States’ most beautiful and sacred lakes for an extended weekend of deep connection, intimacy, play, and exploration of Tantra and sacred sexual shamanism with a group of like-minded, creative men who love men.

We will be in naked nature, and be as naked ourselves: raw, untamed, complete, without reason to hide, honorable, vulnerable, beautiful, a part of a beautiful landscape and of one another. This means: we are practicing “primitive”, off-the-grid camping like our early ancestors (i.e. no showers or facilities) and will experience how well we are actually able to harmonize with nature. Press “Click here for more details” below to make sure your excited by what you see!

We will experience radical deep connection in body soul and spirit, within a securing tribe of loving men, friends, brothers, lovers.

  • Body: ecstatic sexuality as a means of transformation and growth.
  • Soul: deep talks, cuddling around the campfire, heartfelt connections.
  • Spirit: rituals connecting to oneness with yourself, with the universe, with one another.

Workshops will be offered to help you dive deep into the world of Tantra, reconnect with the powerful magic of the natural world, and access states of Reality which are available to us every day, but have gone largely unnoticed due to the pace and intensity of our day-to-day lives. Your facilitators – Patrick Emmanuel and Brad Amberheart – together bring over 35 years of experience in Tantra, sexual magic, and transcendental shamanic practices, as well as a wealth of skill in guiding men into a deeper experience of who we are, what we really want, and why we’re here, so WELCOME!

Curiosity, discovery, and play lie at the core of any Tantric practice, so in addition to the core program of workshops we’re offering, we’ve also factored in a lot of space in our daily plan for a lot of wonderful outdoor naked FUN! Body painting / Nude photography / Mud play / Naked ecstatic dance / Play fight / Paddling and kayaking / Lots of cuddling / Nights as a tribe (all is optional). 

All age groups are equally welcomed and will be represented in equal shares.

  • Nature: Mastering the challenges of being in wild nature knits us together as a pack and allows us a deep connection to this ground of who we are ourselves. Rituals will help us to connect to nature in a deeper way. We start the day washing each other at the lake with natural washing mud and we will sense our earthly origin and the intimate love that is there for us. In the following naked workout or yoga or qigong you will feel the pulse of life in you. (In order for this deep connection to be experienced by all of us, these days will be a drug-and-alcohol-free space with a strong recommendation to organize beforehand that you will put away your phones for the entire duration of these short intense days). 
  • Body: You will learn and experience deeper ways of connecting with energy and your own intimacy through touch. You will understand and express your desires, be aware of your boundaries, and see beautiful ways of finding consent. That will allow us a wonderful freedom to experience closeness which can reach from nourishing cuddling times to passionate sexual experiences, far deeper than most of us may have ever experienced. If you like, closeness can be felt in a very primal way by sleeping together (in the bigger tent, tent places will be interchangeable on the basis of consent).
  • Soul: We will love to help you connect any physical and sexual experience to your emotional needs and gifts, instead of compensating them. They will be heard and cared for by your brothers.


… with Patrick Emmanuel
  • After connecting deeply with your own energy body and feeling it, you will experience a new quality of touch
  • This will then become the basis of new massage skills. Both experienced Tantra masseurs and newbies are welcome and will enrich their capacity to let flow universal love through their fingers
  • You will learn how body-to-body massage techniques will create a deeply felt connection.
… with Brad Amberheart
  • We’re combining heightened erotic arousal with purposeful intent (sexual magic)
  • We’re using sexual energy to infuse the body with pleasure, release old blocks, and open to new levels of awareness (Tantra)
  • We’re moving ecstatic erotic energy throughout the body via pelvic-heart massage, ascending/descending breath, vibration, eye contact, and embodied practices of whole-body sexual arousal (Tantric sexuality).
  • We’re co-creating Embodied Rituals for personal, collective, and global transformation and awakening


The workshops and common programs will still leave a lot of space for fun activities. And apart from being fun, they will hold a great potential for assisting us in our own transformative processes.

  • Nude Artistic photoshoots can be a wonderful way to start to see the own beauty and make the beauty of my brothers a part of myself.
  • Body painting: When others, who deeply see you, paint what they see rising in you on your skin you can embody this future role and find out how it feels. (Of course it is hot also if a nice man paints an arrow an your cock and turns your balls into gold!)
  • Play fight allows you to experience your masculine strength and a different safe way of relating to the strength of your partner.
  • Mud play lets you drop deep into this very primal state of where you come from and allows you to reconnect to the earth.
  • Spending the night together, possibly having some not disturbing skin contact in your sleep can communicate a very strong feeling of being held, which can deeply heal early childhood trauma. Playful sexual unification experiences (not only before sleeping) can be a powerful part of it. You can participate, watch, or just stay to yourself – you master your experience. In any case you will be loved. You can choose to be in a small 2-man tent or a bigger 10-man experience.
  • Tantra massage: We can interchange massages based on the abilities we already have (many participants will be experienced) or the ones we just acquired.


Our camp is located in one of the most remote parts of the Southern Appalachian mountains in North Carolina, close to one of the best-preserved tracts of old-growth forests remaining in North America.  It can be reached  3 hours by car from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) and 2 hours west of Asheville Regional Airport (AVL).

We’ll be sending you tools for coordinating your travel plans with others (such as Google spreadsheets), so that you can match your flight arrival times and rent cars together in Atlanta or Asheville.  


If you have your own tent and comfortable airbed or mattress pad, then please plan on bringing it!  Otherwise, we can provide extra tents, sleeping pads, and bedding for an additional charge. 

We are going through challenges and blessings of being in bare nature together as a tribe and container for our tantric experience – so renting a cabin and just coming for the workshop times is not possible.

All food and kitchen set-up is provided, but bringing your own set of cutlery (plate, mug, fork, spoon) will definitely simplify matters and make for much-easier clean-up after meals.  We’ll be co-creating meals together!

Participants are asked to arrive by 4 PM if possible on Sept. 2, but by absolutely no later than 7 PM.  Departure on Sept. 5 is after lunch (2 PM).

Comfort: You should be prepared for primitive, off-the-grid tent camping where we bathe with water from a lake and construct a make-shift composting toilet. If you feel this is a circumstance you cannot endure, the camp may not be the right event for you. If, however, you’re feeling that this experience is a reasonable stretch beyond your usual confort zone, then that’s perfect!  Come!  This is a space where you can share what’s challenging you, and find comraderie.  Other people have managed before you, and you can, too!  The camp is an easy 3 to 5-minute walk from where you park, so you don’t need to prepare for marching on a longer trail on foot. 


In order to allow a wider range of different people and age groups to participate we ask you to choose one of these options:

325.-   “Just enough” (low income). If even this amount of financial contribution feels beyond your reach, please get in touch with us for checking for an option to have you participate as an assistant or from the social fund.

495.-   “A bit more” (medium income)

675.-   “I feel abundant” (If you’ld like to help others beyond that amount, we invite you to add something into our social fund, the registration has an option for additional donation).

The price includes organisation of the camp, workshops, food, common camping material. It does not include your trip to the wild campground and private camping material.

Your Facilitators:

Patrick Emmanuel

Patrick Emmanuel

Patrick has been grounded in spirituality since deep mystical experiences in his early youth. He has travelled the world for 25 years in 100 countries to bring a message of peace and love. However, through his strongly Christian upbringing he suppressed his sexuality, being a complete virgin till 2013. Since then intense development of starting to celebrate the own body using artistic nude photography as a tool (www.malebodypoetry.net), integrating sexuality and spirituality, training and professional activity as a tantra masseur, instructor and sacred intimate, shamanic initiation, holding workshops with elements of tantra, sexuality, energetic touch, consent, radical honesty, authentic relating, rewilding, altered states of consciousness, transformation through sexual ecstasy. Creator of the platform www.FreeGuyz.net (blog, gallery, community of approx. 1k gay spiritual men)

Brad Amberheart

Brad Amberheart (bradamberheart.com) is a Tantric sex coach and Sacred Intimate who has helped thousands of men to fully re-claim their sexual passion as a potent tool for personal healing, transformation, and and ever-deepening awareness of their life’s purpose.  Brad has brought his own unique blend of Tantra, sexual magic, and deep-nature wisdom to world-renowned Tantra festivals from Hawaii to the UK, and has studied and collaborated with many great pioneers in the Tantra world–including Rudolph Ballentine, Margot Anand, and Jason Tantra.  He attributes his training in Tantra not only to his work with individual teachers, but also to the countless days of his life which he has devoted to being immersed in wilderness and in cathartic healing ceremonies with North American and Siberian native people. He founded Gay Tantra, the first podcast series in the world devoted fully to the experiential practice of Tantra for men who have sex with men, in January 2020″

Any questions? Write to event@freeguyz.net .