Tantric Intimacy Retreat (Portugal)

October 4-7, 2023 in Casa Risa, Algarve (South of Portugal)

This retreat is a 3 days (3 nights) intensive encounter with yourself, your energy body, your sexual energy, in connection and interaction with a tribe of like-minded brothers, where we use Tantric techniques to get in touch with our deepest essence and with one another. You will unleash your creative power through connecting to your untamed passion.

Casa Risa is hosting us with the beauty of the place, just 15 min drive from the beach.

As a container for this exploration, the beautiful clothing optional retreat center Casa Risa will serve us and host us perfectly. You will find yourself in the midst of a beautiful tribe of men who all join similar struggles, joys, passions. There we can hold space for one another and for our personal and communal exploration.

In the mornings we will have workshops till noon time, where we practice and play:

  • beginning with making sure how to stay in everything perfectly connected with our own reality and how to keep our boundaries and negotiate consent.
  •  learning how to drop out of the mind into a space of pure consciousness where the flow of life can take over control in any sensual and sexual interaction.
  • finding how deep a simple touch can be experience and trying this with different parts of the body and different energies of different persons and body areas.
  • Personal, pair and group meditation that brings us in deep contact first with the own energy body and then allows us to synchronize it with the one of our partners
  • Conscious and delightful focus on the two separate rolls of experiencing pleasure actively and of giving pleasure intuitively within set boundaries.
  • With all tools provided going into a free play of sensual and sexual flow with one partner
  • and eventually with a whole group of men, practicing the original meaning of “orgy” (a term coming from the Greek mystery school) where connecting with other bodies really was used as a way to connect with universal Oneness.  
  • Heart-open exchange circles will accompany us through the whole process in which you will experience that with all subjects that these practices are potent to bring up, you are not left alone but carried through by loving brothers that respond the deep desire of belonging that many of us are so much desiring as a response to former opposite experiences and wounds.

In the afternoon you’ll have free time either to explore the stunning cliff beaches (clothing optional) or bock 1:1 sessions with me (Massage, Sacred Intimacy, Coaching).

In the evenings we can optionally go deeper in our exploration and experience what the ancient Greeks understood when they were speaking of the Sacred Orgy – a spontaneous non-goal-oriented physical interaction out of a state of presence leading deeper into oneness experience and mutually supporting for it.

Price / Booking

Standard Ticket

  • 530 €  booking before 1st Sept
  • 595 €  booking after 1st Sept

Reduced Ticket (with purchase you confirm that you need support because of low income – such as retired, unemployed, student…)

  • 380.- € booking before 1st Sept
  • 445.- € booking after 1st Sept

-> Purchase ticket

or send and eMail with your questions. This refers also to requests for scholarships.

The entrance of our beautiful resort

Not included:

  • Hotel of retreat 2 nights (booked directly with hotel www.casarisa.com/reservations). If you like to take a double room with another participant we can help you to find a room mate and book together. 
  • Your trip to the retreat

Your facilitator

Patrick Emmanuel has been grounded in spirituality since deep mystical experiences in his early youth.  For over 25 years, he has traveled the world, visiting more than 100 countries, trying to help reconnect brothers and sisters to their divine essence and love. However, for all those years, due to his strongly Christian upbringing, he suppressed his sexuality and avoided any contact with his body. A major personal upheaval initiated a process of intense development and spiritual inquiry that led to accept and embrace his homosexuality, to start celebrating his body using artistic nude photography as a tool (creator of the label www.malebodypoetry.net), and to integrating sexuality with his spirituality. Training as a tantra masseur, tantra instructor and sacred intimate. Shamanic initiation in 2022. Patrick holds workshops about Tantra, integration of sexuality and spirituality, energetic touch, and transformation through sexual ecstasy and photography. He is also the creator of the platform www.FreeGuyz.net  (blog, gallery, community of currently around 1.5k gay men).

Any questions? Write to event@freeguyz.net .