My Instagram account was deleted!

Want to help my followers to find me again? 

My account MaleBodyPoetry3 with photographic nude art and a lot of spiritual content / texts. It existed for around 2 years and was deleted with it’s 3,500 followers and hundreds of conversations. My new one will be more restrictive and the actual nude images will only be on this website ( 

This is how you can help my followers (and new people) find me again: 

1 Follow my new account on IG: @not_here_malebodypoetry  

2 Open this website on your mobile phone if you are not there (just open in your mobile browser

3 Download the video on the left (it looks like a picture but it is a video containing the moved arrow) to your mobile device: click on it, then you find on the lower right corner the “…”-menu. There you should find a menu item to download.

4 Create a story in your Instagram account and load this video in the story. 

5 IMPORTANT: overwrite the graphical display of the new account name (@not_here_malebodypoetry) with an actual text beginning with the @ sign! Only then will it be easy to get there by clicking.  

6 If you know of friends who might be happy to do the same, mention them in the lower part with small black letters (nearly invisible), just for them to be authorized to forward your story. 

7 I’ll post daily. When you see something you like, press like and press the forward-/send- button under the post. Choose “Story”, and again add a text mentioning / recommending “@not_here_malebodypoetry”

Thanks a lot for your help! Patrick