Rain-bro Jungle Camp, Costa Rica

June 26-30, 2023, San Vito, Costa Rica

Pepe and Coco in their farm in Costa Rica

Patrick in the Costa Rican rain forest

I’m thrilled to announce my collaboration with “Coco & Pepe”. Many of you know them from their beautiful Instagram presence or the Yoga and Sex-Fu classes and mindful masturbation circles that Coco is leading in an extraordinarily save and loving space. Both Coco as Facilitator, Life coach, Yoga teacher as well as his husband and coworker Pepe live so many things I deeply resonate with. They don’t hide that they are super sexy and at the same time are humble, approachable and vulnerable enough to create a brotherhood where everybody feels totally welcomed and celebrated. 

Now Coco has invited me to collaborate with them in their first in-person retreat in their own rain forest neighborhood in Costa Rica to share my gifts of leading men into deep tantric experiences with themselves and others – while he serves with his extraordinary capacity to lead men’s naked Yoga and Sex Fu and holds space for honest and passionate brothers.   

This collaboration means a lot to me! The beautiful brotherhood-style community he has created online, where everybody can be who he is, with his passion, with his body, with his arousal, with his spirituality, with his despair and cravings… was so important for myself in these past months. Now “we” will come together – with “you” in Costa Rica if you desire and celebrate 

  • Love and Intimacy
  • Sexual passion and brotherhood
  • Sharing your gift of sexuality with brothers and learn to keep your boundaries and while experience loving fullness at the same time.
  • A beautiful jungle landscape, rivers where we bath and play naked

My workshop(s)

In my Sacred Touch workshops, we are going to explore closeness on a deeply meaningful, satisfying and relating way, starting with experiencing the connection to our own body and moving to the connection with our brother in such a safe container of consent, that every depth and passion that feels right can be discovered outside usual patterns and conditioning of gay sex behavior. This will open a space for ecstatic states of merging that will redefine your sex life.


1. Book your participation at the retreat here! At the link you find all practical details. Prices are super affordable:

  • Shared Room 491,84 €
  • Private Room 533,60 € 
(Included: Accommodation, Food, Tuition, Excursions) 

2. Go buy your ticket from your home airport to San José, the capital of Costa Rica. You’ll probably want to arrive 1 day before the start (June 25) and return 1 day after (July 1st). 

Please find all further details about the retreat including it’s practicalities here and further information in this announcement video of Coco & Pepe

Any remaining questions?

-> eMail Coco coco@pepeycoco.com