Tantric Naked Nature Retreat, France

August 11th – 14th in France (between Paris and Strasbourg)

Staying naked together with a lovely tribe of other men in beautiful nature at a lake in Northern France for 4 days. Feeling honesty, openness, vulnerability, and the greatness who we are made to be. Getting close to one another at the campfire in the evenings with a lot of cuddles and sharings from the heart. Then spending nights together in one of our yurts (Mongolian round tent) and tipi with all freedom, love, closeness, sex and sleep we can have taking care of one another. You can also use your own individual tent, if you prefer. Waking up together for a beautiful day of love and of connection to nature, washing (may be each other) with natural washing mud at the lake (we also have a shower if you need 😊), breathing new energy with Qigong and Haka dance – or any practice we learn from one another (Meditation, Yoga, naked Workout etc).

Workshops during the day will develop in us into a new quality of meaningful touch. It may lead us into deep tantric mutual massage experience (Patrick is an experienced tantra instructor) – or into a new exploration of our sexuality, integrated in all our being, soul (feelings) and spirit (connection), on the basis of consent and learning not only to keep our boundaries but to always stay firmly connected to ourselves, not losing us, while engaging with others. We will enjoy to take from the deepest sources of your sexual energy and bringing them into the whole body and into interaction. We will learn what held us from diving into ecstasy and will experience it. Or we’ll just enjoy breathing outside and connecting to the universe.

Lots of fun activities can be lived together in the afternoons that at the same time deepen our experience: body painting (your brothers show on your body what else is in you and you desire to express!), mud play, play fight / wrestling, nude photography (celebrate your beauty), naked ecstatic dance, extended mutual massage experiences.

On the basis of all that will be love, love towards ourselves (and we finally allow us what we really desire without forcing us into boxes), love towards each other (closeness can happen on many different levels, all in a safe container), love towards nature with which we are one in our nakedness, and love towards the divine if you feel it behind all that.


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If you are interested / intrigued, but something bothers you? Write me here: event@freeguyz.net.

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Location:Google Eclaron-Braucourt-Sainte-Livière. By car it is 212 km from Paris (2 ¾h), 269 km from Strasburg (3h), 409km from Frankfurt (4:25h). We can organize shared rides which is a beautiful way not only to make it easier and save money but also to connect beforehand.
Comfort:Although we want to enjoy closeness to nature, we do have a house for things like a cooking place, toilet and shower amenities, eating if we are not outside, a fireplace area…

The price stated below covers:

  • Organizsation of the camp
  • The beautiful location (it is extraordinary with its yurts and tipis, with its access to the lake and the freedom not to be observed by anyone – but not really cheep)
  • Food
  • Workshops, all materials and facilitation of the retreat.

Select the price that is right for you:

  • 325.- €  “Just enough” (if this is still too much for you let us know, may be we can make it more affordable for you, having you as an assistant)
  • 655.- €  “A bit more”
  • 995.- €  “I feel abundant” (you can also offer a donation for others who may not be able to pay the full amount)
Times:We start Thursday 11th August at 4 pm and close on Sunday 14th August at 1pm.
Food:We will cook together as a group. If somebody has experience with cooking for a larger group, please note that in your application (you can help us for the meal and shopping list and for overlooking the group cooking). Special food requirements considered (note them in your registration).
Patrick Emmanuel

Hosted by Patrick Emmanuel

Patrick has been grounded in spirituality since deep mystical experiences in his early youth. He has travelled the world for 25 years in 100 countries to bring a message of peace and love. However, through his strongly Christian upbringing he suppressed his sexuality, being a complete virgin till 2013. Since then intense development of starting to celebrate the own body using artistic nude photography as a tool (www.malebodypoetry.net), integrating sexuality and spirituality, training and professional activity as a tantra masseur, instructor and sacred intimate, shamanic initiation, holding workshops with elements of tantra, sexuality, energetic touch, consent, radical honesty, authentic relating, rewilding, altered states of consciousness, transformation through sexual ecstasy. Creator of the platform www.FreeGuyz.net (blog, gallery, community of approx. 1k gay spiritual men)

Any questions? Write to event@freeguyz.net .