Sacred Sexual Evolution Gathering in the Wild:

            Merging into Oneness


July 3-7, 2024 in Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina, USA 

4 days and nights closely together with a tribe of naked men, seekers, initiates, lovers, friends – sharing the challenges of staying in wild nature that calls us back to our primal unfiltered sexual energy in order to reconnect to the Source of all Being. 
This camp is created to be a profoundly transformative experience for men who are ready to challenge old limitations and radically step into the most authentic and empowered version of themselves.

The basis of our gathering is living together as a relentlessly open and vulnerable naked brotherhood which at the same time will form the safe container needed for deep inner processes: freeing of old shame, fear, abandonment, insecurity… – all narrowness that no longer serves us for the existential leap that is meant and ready to be taken by us into unfiltered connection with life force. You will find a deep heart centered soulful approach to connection and erotic community and you will be an irreplaceable part of it. Together, we will slow down to the pace of the natural world that will be the womb for our deep dive into consciousness. 

Discover the visionary power of sex through shamanic journeywork, conscious dreaming, and guided visualization. Explore your relationship with guides, allies, and ancestral wisdom.

Encounter the transformative power of love on all levels, deeply receiving and giving without fear and outside habitual limitations.

Feel your own sexiness in the midst of your brothers, and have others celebrate it. Allow your desire of the hotness of others to motorize you without any filter in a held container of brothers.

Immerse yourself for extended periods of time in a field of whole-body cathartic erotic pleasure. Learn to use powerful Tantric sex tools such as euphoric frottage, anal orgasmic sensation, breath, movement, primal sounds, and undulation to clear the mind and reconnect with our deepest sense of passion and purpose.

Learn to leave control of mind and conditioning in sexual behavior and replace it with the communal surrender to the stream of life in passionate interaction – the sacred orgy as expression of Oneness with all Being and sex as portal to divine consciousness.

Master’s Classes & Tribal Sacred Intimacy:  Recover the ancient arts of deep-soul erotic magic and sacred intimacy (the practice of being deeply present for and with our lovers) by witnessing and supporting 1-on-1 sexual-erotic transmission sessions with an experienced teacher.  Reclaim our connection as a Tribe of male lovers who hold space for personal and collective healing, visioning, and transformation.

Various great wisdom traditions have formed and influenced us – Tantra, the ancient secret and sacred Mystery Schools, mystic traditions of the West and the East, and the teachings of our indigenous ancestral lineages. We’re drawing upon all that we have known and learned, to touch the deepest places of Truth in our core, and celebrate the arrival of truly integral consciousness on our planet.

This retreat is your next step into getting ready for great planetary challenges as the person who is fit to face them, entirely unattached, and ready to lead others into freedom and the power of transformation.

Our sanctuary and living place in nature is not depicted in any of our pictures and will not be disclosed, but it is in the same area, secluded enough for our ecstatic work, inviting us into its beautiful and sacred presence (this picture is from a former retreat in the same area).

Practicalities and our Container


  • Our sacred gathering place is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC. The exact place will be disclosed to the participants. 
  • Close by airports are Asheville (AVL) – 2 hours drive /  Atlanta (ATL) – 3 hours drive  
  • Ride shares will be organized amongst participants.


  • The camp will be only a short walk from a parking area, but is located in wild, primitive nature, without any infrastructure or services. 
  • We’ll be using a composting toilet, bathing with water taken from a lake, and bringing in all of our food and water that we will cook together.
  • We may want to include other information about sleeping arrangements, padding, etc. (as we have in the past), as well as any other information that you/we may think of which will allow men to be excited about a challenge, but as aware as possible of what they’re signing up for.


  • You need to have your own camping equipment. Optionally you can book a tent on registration. 
  • We will be available for advices for men who are less experienced with off-the-grid camping. 


  • Every participant takes responsibility for himself.
  • We will provide guidelines for a respectful and safe way of living our relationship with nature. 

Digital Detox

  • There is no signal at the camp which supports our strong recommendation to pause the use of digital media. 
  • If for some compelling reason you need to be accessible, you can leave your cellphone in the car and check messsages during the day.
  • We will provide an emergency number that will be checked the same way. 

Drugs and Alcohol

  • This is a drug & alcohol free retreat. 

Is this gathering for you?

It may indeed be for you if…

  • You’re a man (cis and trans) of any age, body-type, racial background.
  • You’re aware that you’re already on a path of awakening to your purpose
  • Your interest goes beyond your own individual well-being and healing because you know that you are here to make a difference for the planet. 
  • You’re feeling you may be ready to merge your beautiful sexual expression with your gifts as an intuitive and a conduit of healing.
  • You are strongly attracted to the idea of a deep-nature immersion with a group of naked men in a primitive, off-the-grid camp.
  • You’re ready to welcome some physical challenges of our environment (weather, compost-toilets, washing in natural water) as an opportunity for growth and bonding with other men.
  • You’re willing to be partnered in consensual exercises with people whom you may not have chosen yourself.
  • You’re ready to voice clear boundaries, and to respect the boundaries of others.

Price / Booking


(Early Bird 1,199 $ till May 15) 

For payment by installments and for reduced tickets (low income =  retired, unemployed, student…) contact us on  


  • Workshops/Tuition
  • Simple commonly cooked food
  • Communal camping material
  • Organisation of camp
  • an optional 20 min call before the retreat 
  • a small contribution to the scholarship fund making this event accessible to men of all income brackets. 
  • Personal care where needed during the entire retreat (“24/7” in 4 days 🙂 )

Not included:

  • Your trip and your way to our wild nature sanctuary
  • Private camping material

Any questions? Write to .

Your facilitators

Brad Amberheart

Sex & Intimacy Coach Brad Amberheart ( has guided groups and individuals world-wide for more than 20 years in the use of breath, whole-body pleasure, movement, sound, affirmation, and visualization to bridge the worlds of sex and soul’s purpose.

He has facilitated play-shops and embodied rites of passage at world-renowned Tantra festivals from Hawaii to the UK, drawing upon his own unique blend of sexual magic, erotic mysticism, and deep-nature wisdom. Brad has served as a sex coach on 10 film sets with Himeros TV to produce more than 120 erotic videos designed to shift the essence of porn toward creativity, empowerment and authenticity.

Patrick Emmanuel

Patrick Emmanuel

Patrick has been grounded in spirituality since deep mystical experiences in his early youth. He has travelled the world for 25 years in 100 countries to bring a message of peace and love. However, through his strongly Christian upbringing he suppressed his sexuality totally till 2013. Since then intense development of starting to celebrate the own body using artistic nude photography as a tool (, integrating sexuality and spirituality, training and professional activity as a tantra masseur, instructor and sacred intimate, shamanic initiation, holding workshops with elements of tantra, sexuality, energetic touch, consent, radical honesty, authentic relating, rewilding, altered states of consciousness, transformation through sexual ecstasy. Creator of the platform (blog, gallery, community of approx. 2k gay spiritual men)


These are just a few feedbacks we got from our last retreats. For us it is a honor to facilitate inner growth, courage to take a tremendous leap in the personal development, new freedoms – and help a lot of new friendships arise.